Black Gold VermiCompost
Made from quality local food waste. We export over 50 tons of food waste annually from the greater Grand Rapids area. This compostable waste is transported weekly to a field south of town where it is combined with leaves, chemical free hay and clean wood mulch. It composts for 6-12 months in piles until it becomes hospitable to worms. Red worms remain in the piles for an additional 6-12 months. The worms continue to break down the food waste and inoculate the compost in the process. Once it has reached a final stage, the compost is black crumbly, and finely textured. At that point it is pulled out in small batches to be mixed up and processed for final finishing.  Once finished, it is screened and the remaining chunks are returned to new piles for another round. The final product is nutrient dense and packed full of microorganisms.

Compost, soil & worms available by will call at the Ottawa Hills Homestead & select vendors

Free samples, inspiration & expertise

(all products require min 24 hr lead time)

A hefty bag of mature compost teaming with apx 1,000 Red Worms with additional cocoons designed to jump start a new worm set up with all the micro & macro organisms necessary for a thriving vermi system.
$35 / bag

Screened ¼”, this compost contains roughly 50% organic matter and 50% castings. It also contains cocoons, small worms and other macro arthropods. This is perfect for mixing into large pots, side dressing outdoor plants and amending raised beds.
$35 / 10 gal bag

*4 bags for $100*

$135 / 55 gal drum

$475 / yard

Screened 3/32” this compost is very fine and silty. It is nearly pure worm manure and contains no worms or cocoons. It is black and loaded with tiny calcium carbonate wrapped silica “crystal” balls excreted by the worms in the digestion process. This is perfect for compost teas, supersoil potting mixes, small planters and indoor operations.

$40 / cubic foot

$100 / three cubic feet

$225 / 55 gal drum

$800 / yard

Bulk unscreended compost is harvested from finished piles that have been processed by the worms. This compost is fresh, juicy, full of worms and ripe for prepping garden beds in early spring, or boosting backyard compost systems. 

$35 / 10 gal bag