Black Gold VermiCompost

Our Vermi is made from premium local food waste that we collect around the city of GR. This waste is composted in small batches with trim waste, leaves and and clean wood mulch. It is processed by hand and managed with close attention to detail. The final product has a high nutrient density and explosive microbial activity!

Compost, soil & worms available by will call at the Ottawa Hills Homestead & select vendors

Free samples, inspiration & expertise

(all products require min 24 hr lead time)

Composting Worms
(Available year round)
A hefty bucket of mature compost & a blend of ~1000 Red Worms and European Nightcrawlers designed to jump start a new worm set up with all the micro & macro organisms necessary for a thriving vermi system.
$35 / Bucket

Black Gold VermiCompost
(available year round)
Premium compost produced from fabulous local waste and deliciously black with nutrients & microorganisms. Finished, screened, stable & perfect for compost teas, potting mixes, side dressing, translating and indoor operations.
 $45 / cubic foot 3/32" screened;
$35 / cubic foot 1/4" screened;
$800 / yard

Live Garden Blend Compost
(available year round)
A blend of leaf mulch compost, reed grass compost, composted og cow manure, vermicompost, repurposed potting soil, composted bark fines, screened 1/4". Developed for setting out transplants, amending garden soils, side dressing established plants & blending in potting mixes.
$20 / cubic foot

Bulk Unscreened Compost w/ Worms
(available spring/summer/fall)
Fresh and juicy compost straight out of the pile just prior to finishing stage. This compost is full of worms, worm cocoons & other beneficial microarthropods & is perfect for boosting your compost pile or amending the garden in spring & fall.
$35 / cubic foot

Base Minerals Blend
(available while supplies last)
A blend of bulk rock dust minerals and compost with ratios based on generic recommendations of lbs/sqft. Developed for amending garden soils with semi-permanet micro nutrients: Brown rock phos, green sand, glacial stone dust, house eggs shell powder, borax, and house compost. Minerals should generally be added to soils based on lab recommendations from soil samples. This blend is good for raised beds and container gardens to boost small amounts of low grade garden store soil for those not interested conducting soil lab tests.
(one bag will treat one yard of soil or apx 30 sqft)