Grown w/ Love

Multi site grow plots are maintained year around and offer generous harvests of a wide variety of nutrient dense annual and perennial garden vegetables, greens, herbs and flowers. Gardens are maintained in harmony with natural rhythms with a focus on long term soil vitality.

All plants are grown in house and come from OP and heirloom source seed. Many of the crops are from previous season seed. A selection of unique and rare herbs and plants are also maintained year around and available seasonally.

Nothing synthetic is ever added to the gardens. All garden trim wastes and plant residues are reinvested into the soils along with winter cover crops and seasonal organic horse or cow manures. Worm compost, compost teas, and rock dust minerals are also used to enhance the soils.

Produce cuttings are available by will call or u-pick at the homestead from Late May to Early November.

Weekly wholesale deliveries of select crops available for commercial establishments. Contact us with inquiries about custom growing for the 2019 season.