Raw Honey

We offer a very limited selection of deliciously unique honey produced on the south east side of Grand Rapids in a neighborhood well known for its lush well maintained residential landscapes and gardens. This honey is one of a kind and its a rare treat to enjoy!  Currently out of stock, check back in late May after we harvest this spring.

Dried Herbs and Peppers

Dehydrated throughout the season, jarred and cured, individual or mixed blends available. $15/pint.
Currently Available:
- Hot Portugal Peppers
- Naga Cayenne Peppers
- Basil
- Parsley
- Sage
- Chervil
- Perilla
- Linden
- Calendula
- Wormwood
- Nettles
- Herbal Tea Blends:
     Evening: (calendula, linden, rose, chamomile, dream herb)
   Morning: (lavender, mint, naga basil, lemon balm)

Plants and Seedlings:

Plant starts are available from late May through late June. All plants are grown from OP and heirloom seed, and grown in organic potting soil. Much of the seed is sourced from our growing heritage saved collection. Seeding has started for the season, contact us to find out what will be available or come browse whats on hand during our plant sale early June. Plant starts $1 each, $5 for rare and long maturity seedlings, $10 for year old plants.